Multipurpose ultrasonic flowmeter for liquids

KROHNE’s new OPTISONIC 3400 is a multipurpose flowmeter for liquids. Featuring versatile I/O and communication options, this can be used for both standard and more demanding applications in terms of process temperature, pressure or high viscosities.

Being an ultrasonic flowmeter, this offers bi-directional flow measurement independent of conductivity, temperature, density and pressure of medium. It is based on the transit time method and has three parallel acoustic/ultrasonic beams which generate a measurement independent of flow profile to deliver accuracy under less favourable flow profile conditions, e.g. short inlets and outlets.

Additional features include a flow range of 0,3 to 20m/s (one to 66ft/s), an accuracy of ±0,3% and a temperature range from -200 to 250°C. Viscosities can reach as high as 1000 cSt. In addition, its welded full bore construction presents no pressure loss, it has no potential leak points, and there is a large choice in process connections. It also features the new signal converter UFC 400 that enables single or multi-liquid applications with the same device.

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