Muller Coax are the original designers and manufacturers of coaxial valves

Muller Coax are the original designers and manufacturers of coaxial valves having established the company and product range in 1960 and are established in many industry sectors supplying valves to many diversified blue chip companies and organizations worldwide including Siemens, Rolls Royce, BNFL and many automotive plants where the valves are specified for use.

From their head office and main manufacturing plant in Germany, Coax have wholly owned companies in the USA,UK, Spain, Italy and China and distributors worldwide to support our customers wherever they may be.

Muller Coax product range includes products for many industry sectors including power generation, hydrogen generation, automotive plants, nuclear industry, military, pumping application and machine tools to name but a few.

Valve range have valves for medias and pressures up to 500 bar, 2/2 and 3/2 functions, Atex compliant , fast reaction times, various body materials, position indication all are SIL2 rated as standard with SIL3 certified available on many types.

Due to the design of the valve the media passes unimpeded through the valves in a “coaxial” manner, there is no pressure loss across the valve, and this design also allows the valves to handle and pass contaminated media where many conventional valves would fail due to ingress of dirt.

The size of the valves vary but are all known for their fast reaction time with the smaller MK10 valves able to do a complete open / closed cycle in 60 milliseconds.

Muller Coax are an ISO9001: 2015 accredited company.

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