MTS awarded two contracts valued at $17 million collectively

MTS has announced two new awards for its test and simulation business totaling $17 million in contractual value.

MTS will partner with a leading multi-national engineering and manufacturing conglomerate to provide a fault ride through tester for its offshore wind business. This first-of-a-kind solution will help maintain power generation stability of today’s large offshore wind turbines.

Today’s fault ride through testers can simulate grid failures up to 33kV, but as the size and power of turbines continues to grow, larger capacity grids are necessary, and today’s wind turbine parks use 66kV connections. MTS and its partner will be the first to provide a fault ride through solution to help protect wind turbines operating on 66kV.

MTS is also pleased to partner with an industry-leading commercial vehicle manufacturer to design a unique simulator that will provide a more economical means of deriving frame, suspension and chassis performance characteristics earlier in the vehicle development cycle, allowing for faster innovations, including development of next-generation electric commercial vehicles.

The new MTS road simulator will help its partner facilitate product design innovations aimed at reducing emissions for its heavy commercial vehicles. Additionally, MTS’ ability to help simulate vehicle performance before full development will help its partner save time and cost and allow it to bring new commercial vehicle innovations to market faster.

“Innovation is at the core of MTS’ values and I am pleased that we will support our partners with unique solutions that help them achieve their goals. Importantly, these awards are strategically aligned with our own cultural values and dedication to promoting environmental sustainability,” says Randy J. Martinez, MTS Interim President and CEO. “We continue to extend our global presence and deepen our expertise in developing solutions to build a more sustainable world and have established an exciting pipeline of future opportunities aimed at this mission. Our wind testing business continues to see growing momentum as governments stimulate their economies with infrastructure spending.”

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