Moore Industries Safety Family

Moore Industries’ FS Functional Safety Series products provide reliable protection for critical safety functions, whether there is a need to add a single safety loop, isolate a few points or augment a larger Safety Instrumented System. FS Functional Safety Series instruments are designed and built to strict IEC 61508 standards, ensuring safe and reliable function – particularly in environments where hazardous or emergency situations are likely to occur.

Alarm trips, relays, isolators and splitters in the FS Functional Safety Series are designed from the ground up in accordance with IEC 61508 standards. This forces the components and circuit design to undergo additional scrutiny and ensures the highest level of reliability – as validated through certification from leading third-party safety auditing firm exida.

More information on Moore Industries’ FS Functional Safety Series is available at You can download datasheets, read white papers on safety-related applications and watch videos on safety-related products.


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