Moore Industries Rugged, Reliable, and Versatile Frequency-to-DC Transmitters

Moore Industries offers two highly reliable and rugged instruments to monitor frequency, period, high or low pulse width, and contact closure signals for a wide range of industries including oil and gas, chemical, power generation, pulp and paper, nuclear remediation and petrochemical. The SFY Functional Safety Frequency-to-DC Transmitter and the FDY Frequency-to-DC Transmitter are PC-Programmable field devices that convert frequency related input signals to an isolated and proportional 4-20mA output signal ready for direct interface with a Safety System, recorder, PLC, DCS, SCADA system or other readout instruments.

SFY Functional Safety Frequency-to-DC Transmitter with Display
As part of Moore Industries FS Functional Safety Series, the 2-wire (loop-powered) SFY  has been certified by exida to ensure conformance with strict IEC 61508:2010 standards for safety-related applications and is approved for single use in Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) up to SIL 2 and in a redundant voting architecture (1oo2, 2oo3, etc.) up to SIL 3. This makes the SFY ideal for use in Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF) where frequency or pulse signals need to be monitored. Examples of this include turbine over speed protection, critical exhaust fans for personnel safety, compressor monitoring and protection (FMEDA reports are available with the required safety data to ensure that the SFY meets the requirements of each SIF).

Customers will find the SFY ideal for use in a wide variety of process related safety applications that utilize turbine flow meters, magnetic pickups, dry contact closures, variable frequency drives, turbine tachometer generators, rotating equipment, motor and conveyor speed as well as pulse and frequency output transducers. The SFY helps provide over speed protection by sending signals that warn the SIS logic solver to alarm or shut down the monitored device for plant, personnel, or process protection.

Compressor Monitoring and Protection
Industrial compressors are often used in large facilities to supply headers with air for pneumatic instruments and valves. These compressors must run at precise speeds, and if they start to run too fast, the compressors can become very dangerous and expensive to repair when they are damaged. This means that many of these critical compressors require an independent safety protection system or SIF.

The SFY can be used as part of the SIF to monitor compressor speed and provide data to a safety logic solver. To accomplish this, a magnetic pickup is often attached to the compressor shaft. This pickup provides a frequency output which the SFY converts to a 4-20mA output proportional to the compressor shaft speed and is shared with a SIS Logic Solver. Should there be a situation where the compressor reaches an overspeed or unsafe event, the logic solver can take the necessary action to avoid potentially dangerous situations and costly repairs.

FDY PC-Programmable Frequency-to-DC Transmitter with Display
When Safety Instrumented Systems and SIL ratings are not a requirement, the 2-wire (loop-powered) FDY is also a great solution for use in a wide range of process and factory automation applications that require the monitoring of turbine tachometer generators, turbine flow meters, magnetic pickups, dry contact closures, variable frequency drives, rotating equipment, pulse and frequency output transducers, and motor and conveyor speed. The FDY has worldwide hazardous area approvals and sets up in just minutes with PC programming software.

Make Consistent Flow Measurements
When making flow measurements with turbine flow meters, one common source of measurement inconsistencies is frequency variation due to bent blades. The FDY incorporates a programmable moving average filter to compensate for the bent blades. The user-selectable moving average is set to match the number of turbine blades; the FDY then takes a reading from each blade and averages the readings to produce a “smoothed out” 4-20mA value proportional to the continuous averaged measurement. This advantage stretches the time between maintenance cycles needed to replace the rotor in the turbine meter by delivering accurate measurements even if turbine blades are damaged.

Both the SFY and FDY Frequency to DC Transmitters include 5-digit LCD displays which show the process variable in selectable engineering units for easy viewing. They provide exceptional accuracy at +/-0.025% of span and long-term stability with up to five years between scheduled calibrations. These instruments also have versatile input choices, measuring frequency ranges between an impressively low 0.005Hz up to 25kHz; periods from 40microseconds to 200sec; and pulse widths from 0.2msec to 200 seconds. They are RFI/EMI protected and programmable in just minutes with PC software.

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