Modbus to the cloud in record time

Every day seems to bring a new request to connect a Modbus device to our SmartHub™ in order to give clients that rich functionality, to monitor, manage and inform. All done remotely, real time and on-line. So how do we get Modbus Controllers talking to the CDL SmartHub™ so quickly, securely and seamlessly?

The Intelligence is in the SmartHub!

Once the NanoULTRA is connected to your target device (RS232 or RS485) and powered up, all of the configuration work is then done via the SmartHub, there is no need to connect to the device directly with a PC to configure Modbus communications. This can all be achieved, securely via any browser/Smart Device.

So what exactly can you do via the SmartHub in terms of Modbus configuration?

  • Quickly add new controllers with a list of Modbus registers 
  • Set baud rates, stop bits etc.
  • Save Controllers which can be recalled at any point in the future with new NanoULTRA systems
  • Configure registers for both read and write functions
  • Add up to four different slave devices to any one NanoULTRA e.g. Power meter, flow meter, environmental sensor all communicating to one NanoULTRA
  • Configure what Users (as opposed to administrators) can view
  • Select which registers you wish to monitor at high frequency
  • Apply bit masks to data strings and associate to alarm messages

Why have our customers asked for this functionality and why is it important to them?

Many of our clients have a wide range of field based machinery/instrumentation with an even wider range of data sets available to them. It is incredibly valuable information that needs to be accessed in the optimum amount of time with the minimum amount of configuration. Once the controllers/recipes are set up they can be repeated time and time again with no need to repeat engineering effort which avoids any associated risks in terms of human error. 

Of course Caption Data can provide a service to configure and test your target devices but this feature set is open/available and easy to use. 

What can you do with all of this information on the SmartHub?

  • Plot and share data in a number of different and standard formats (jpg, pdf, gif, csv, xlsx etc.)
  • You can set up departments and teams who would only see their own units, while your company administrator will see the whole picture
  • Configure event based alarms which can be sent to multiple recipients via email and/or sms – complete with full audit trail
  • Your SmartHub can be branded with your company logo/style so you can give your customers access too if you want!
  • Configure the SmartHub to operate in different languages and time zones
  • Visualise your remote systems on interactive maps

What sort of “Things” do we work with?

Well, any “thing” that has communication options. Some of the routine ones include…

Contact Caption Data for an engineer to engineer conversation!

tel +44(0)1905 754078

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