Mobile Thermal Label Printers for Rugged Environments that won’t break the bank

With more and more field applications requiring a printout at some point during their process, the need for a reliable portable printer to meet this requirement is on the increase.  Unfortunately, many of today’s mobile printers fall short when it comes down to being able to operate in a harsh environment, withstand some rough handling and not cost the earth.  Craft Data however can offer two rugged thermal printers certified to the IP54 standard that won’t break the bank, the 3” RPP320 and the 4” RPP04.

The printers are compact and stylishly designed with a double moulded case which enables them to withstand a drop onto a hard surface from a height of 2 metres and have covered communication and power connections to prevent the ingress of moisture, dust and dirt.  The printers can be classified as mobile label printers as they are able to print on a standard thermal paper roll as well as a thermal self-adhesive label roll.  Possibly unique to these printers is the ability to adjust the width of the paper/label roll, a slider within the generous paper tray allows for different sized paper rolls to be held securely during printing, so the 3” RPP320 can also act as a 2” printer with the 4” RPP04 able to act as a 2”, 3” and 4” printer, so a single printer could cover all of your mobile printing needs.

The printers offer a 90mm/sec print speed and have a high resolution of 8 dots/mm producing high quality text, graphics and barcode/QR codes almost instantaneously. The printers feature 8MB of RAM and 4MB of Flash memory and offer flexible communications either via a USB interface (micro USB connector) or a Bluetooth or WiFi wireless connection. A black and white OLED display allows for easy setup of the printer’s functions and easy viewing of the printer’s communication settings and battery status. Replaceable long-life Li-ion battery packs provide over 300 metres of continuous printing on the RPP320 3” printer which can be fully charged in 3 hours (0%~100%), the 4” RPP04 can print over 200 metres on a full charge and can be fully charged in 2 hours,  the 4” version also has a fast charge feature where a 10-minute mains charge delivers up to 30% power to the battery.  Charging is done via a UK AC/DC mains charger or from a USB port on a tablet or laptop, although the USB option is a slower method of charging.

Both the RPP320 and the RPP04 support the latest Android and Apple iOS smartphones and tablets with plus Windows WinXP, Win7, Win8 and Win10 operating systems. The RP320 can be supplied in either hi-visibility orange or RAF grey with colour coded corner bumpers whereas the RPP04 is supplied in black with hi-visibility orange bumpers or grey with black bumpers.  The standard package includes the Micro USB cable, UK AC/DC mains charger, Li-ion battery pack, CD-Rom containing the software drivers, instruction manual, single roll of paper plus belt-clip, an optional shoulder strap is also available.

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