MMS Electronics shows new display and sensor products

MMS Electronics is showing a wide range of sensor and display products on stand F19 at the Sensor and Instrumentation show 25th & 26th September 2013 at the NEC. 

• Products include digital temperature sensors and infra-red temperature sensor modules with I2C interface. The SMT-IRMOD09 infra red modules allow immediate temperature readings.  Connection to a PC is possible with the SMT-AS02I2 I²C to USB converter. Both the object temperature and ambient temperature are made available in 0.01ºC resolutions with a 0.5% accuracy. The SMT-IRMOD09micro module is 3V supply, range 0 to 50º C and measures only 15.5 x 8.5mm. The SMT-IRMOD09SIL is 4 to 16V supply, range 0 to 300ºC and measures 34 x 16 mm.

• New is a series of low cost analogue and digital pressure sensors for home appliances, barometry, water supply, medical and liquid gas, LPG and GPL gas applications. Sensors are available with various pressure feed ports, fully amplified output, signal conditioned and temperature compensated. Gauge, absolute and differential type.  DIL package or surface mount technology.

• On show for the first time in the UK is the high-resolution frequency to digital transducers UFDC/USTI with I2C, SPI and serial interface. The UFDC/USTI can measure frequency, period, pulse count, rpm rotation speed, frequency ratio, duty-cycle measurements. The UFDC is the ideal interface when working with quasi-digital sensors.   

• MMS Electronics is showing the full range of easy to use mono and colour TFT intelligent display with touch-screen and serial, SPI and I2C interface. Including the new EA eDIPTFT57-ATP 640×480 pixel and eDIPTFT70-ATP 800×480 pixel LED backlit touch-screen display, built-in intelligence and innovative user-friendly features. The EA eDIP intelligent displays enable companies to improve product to market time and reduce engineering cost. Within minutes of opening the box the EA eDIP displays function immediately. Simply create attractive layouts without writing lots of code.  These displays provide the ideal platform for development of interactive controls. For example, a virtual keyboard, analogue rotary instrument or bar graphs can be generated on the screen with just a few simple commands.

To intelligent displays range has been extended with the addition of smaller and lower cost displays. The EA eDIP128-LW 128×64, EA eDIP160-LW 160X104 and EA eDIPTFT32-ATP are small displays many of functionality that is found in the larger displays.

• Smart Android high-resolution TFT graphic displays with analogue touch-screen, fast ARM1176 processor and Android OS are also on show at the sensor and instrumentation stand F19.  Display sizes: 3.5” (QVGA), 4.3” (HVGA), 7” (WVGA), 8” (SVGA)  and 10” (WSVGA). The Android 2.3 operating system enables designers to use a large set of open source tools, application, images and icons. The application software can be built with Java using free Eclipse IDE or other software that supports Android 2.3. Communication and interface to external hardware or sensors are easy connected via the RS-232, RS-485, USB or I2C interface.

• Additionally MMS Electronics Ltd is showing an exceptionally versatile line of alphanumeric and graphic displays for use in industrial and commercial applications. The EA DOG displays are high-contrast easy-to-read LCD super-twist displays. The graphic displays (102×64, 132×32, 128×64 and 160×104) are designed to operate from a single +2.6 to 3.3V supply and the alphanumeric displays (1×8, 2×16, 3×16) use +3.0 to 5V without the need for a negative voltage. Display and backlights can be ordered separately. This makes it possible to implement numerous designs of different sizes and colours. 5 different backlights colours and a full RGB backlight are available. All displays have analogue touch-screen option.

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