Minimising downtime, optimising plant efficiency

The “Rotech” range of monitoring equipment is comprised of a range of motion sensors/encoders, vibration sensors and associated speed relays. The heavy duty sensors are installed on the end of the shaft or on the belt being monitored. They send an electrical signal proportional to the speed of the shaft/belt to a suitable control unit. The control unit can be a “Rotech” speed relay, a programmable controller, a computer, data logger device or other proprietary control equipment. The alarm level of the control unit is set to just below the normal running speed of the shaft.

In the event of the shaft/belt slowing below the set level, the control unit operates and can be connected to give an alarm to the operator and/or shutdown preceding items of plant. Wherever materials are transported or processed by conveyors, elevators, screws, crushers, mixers etc. there are applications for “Rotech” motion sensors/encoders.

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