Miniature teardrop voltage source piezoelectric accelerometer – IEPE A/127/V

DJB Instruments UK LTD is pleased to announce the release of a new accelerometer which joins its growing product range. The new IEPE (ICP®) A/127/V is a miniature teardrop integral electronics voltage source piezoelectric accelerometer. It uses the unique Konic shear ceramic sensing element developed by DJB Instruments founder Don Birchall which offers unrivalled performance in areas such as cross axis repeatability and temperature stability. It’s low mass (1.9gms) renders it almost invisible to most lightweight structure vibration measurement applications whilst offering high frequency response and excellent reliability.

With an all welded titanium construction it offers a maximum high operating temperautre of 185°C in HT form whilst maintaining no loss of dynamic range. This high temperature IEPE performance is achieved via DJB’s industry leading hybrid amplifier electronics using its bespoke ultra high temperature ASIC chip.

The signal outlet is via the standard KP (M3.5) miniature microdot connector and is recommended for use with lightweight cable assemblies of a maximum 1mm diameter (available from DJB’s extensive cable assembly facility.) It is available in a wide range of sensitivities from 1mV/g up to 100mV/g output, with standard off the shelf versions available as 5, 10 or 100mV/g.

The A/127/V is adhesive mounted and is supplied as standard with a detachment tool to shear the adhesive joints without damaging the internal electronics.

DJB’s new man in marketing Matthew Bussard said of the introdcution ‘This is the first product launch that I have been involved in at DJB and it is clear to see the dedication and quality that goes into every existing and new product at DJB, the A/127/V has been cleverly engineered to offer the perfect combination of small size, low mass and high performance.”

Available to order now, the IEPE A/127/V details are available on the website. Don’t forget to download our product guide to discover other products that may interest you.

For more details and to receive a quotation call Sales on +44 (0) 1638 712 288 or email

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