Miniature 32 Channel Pressure Scanner breaks new ground

World-leading supplier of state-of-the-art intelligent pressure and temperature instrumentation, Scanivalve Corp. have launched a new miniature pressure scanner.

The 32-channel miniature pressure scanner represents the forefront of pressure measurement technology, being designed from the ground up with size, accuracy, speed, and functionality in mind.

Boasting 32 discrete pressure channels, a small footprint, TCP/IP Ethernet connectivity, an A/D per channel, synchronous scanning, and a wealth of other innovative features, the MPS4232 has high performance dual-core processor which can produce engineering unit data for 32 pressure channels synchronously at rates in excess of 1000Hz (samples per channel per second). The onboard flash memory stores the pressure-temperature matrix that allows for the conversion of RAW 24-bit A/D counts to precise engineering unit data over a wide operating temperature (0-70°C).

Communications are made simple by an integral web server and supporting a wide variety of standard Ethernet communication protocols. The MPS4232 also supports IEEE1588v2 Precision Time Protocol: an Ethernet based, time synchronisation method. Leveraging this technology allows the user to synchronise multiple MPS units, or other devices that support IEEE1588v2, to sub-microsecond resolve.

Evolution Measurement’s Managing Director, Paul Crowhurst said, “The investment in new technology from Scanivalve is phenomenal and results in high accuracy, intelligent data systems which add real value to our customers.”

“The MPS4232 is another great example of how their engineering is led by consumer demand.”

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