Mini displays with DOUBLE HEIGHT characters SPI and I²C

MMS Electronics Ltd has available an exceptionally versatile line of DOG (Display-On-Glass) alphanumeric and graphic displays. The alphanumeric displays are available is 1×8, 2×10, 2×16, 3×10, 3×16, 4×16 and 4×20 (line x char).  The EA DOGS104-A with VA 12.0 x 29.7 mm and the EA DOGS164-A with VA 18.0 x 37.4 are small high-contrast easy-to-read STN and FSTN displays. The integrated SSD1803A controller has 3/4-wire SPI and 2-wire I²C interface. 3 fonts: Cyrillic, English-Japanese and European.

The SSD1803A controller allows to select double height character option to transforms the EA DOGS104-A 4×10 display into a 2×10 or 3×10 (line x char) display and the EA DOGS164 4×16 display into 2×16 display with  6mm height characters. Supply voltage is +3.3V with low power use of typical 440µA (with LED backlight off). This low power makes the displays ideal for battery powered applications.

The display and optional backlights are a mix and match approach with three display glass variants transmissive, transflective and reflective. The transflective glass (W) and white reflective (N) display can be used without using a backlight. Three different LED backlights are available. Backlight colours are Amber, dual Yellow-Green/Red and a trio colour Green/Red/White. The dual and trio backlight option is ideal for applications where for example a Green/White display background shows normal system function and an Amber or Red background for a warning status indication. With the DOG display series the glass and LED backlights can be ordered separately. This means that even a much personalised display will be available even with a MOQ of one. The display glass and backlights  simply slot together.

Download the DOG-simulator from and experiment with all possible display and backlight combinations directly from your desktop. The DOG-simulator tool also communicates to the EA 9780-4USB demo board. Without any programming text or bitmaps are dragged into the simulator and shown on the display. Text typed in the editor is immediately displayed on the connected display.  The EA 9780-4USB test board can be used with all available alphanumeric or graphic DOG displays.

MMS Electronics Ltd is based in Leeds and is the authorised UK distributor and stockist for the 2,000 plus display products of Electronic Assembly GmbH (Display Visions). MMS Electronics also represents many other world class display and sensor manufacturers.

Display products include: Dot matrix LCD, TFT, OLED, ePAPER modules, DOG chip-on-glass, smart programmable TFT displays, wireless displays, eDIP intelligent displays, Linux and Android OS displays with I2C, serial and USB interface, display bezels, RS232 interface boards, analogue -resistive and PCAP touch-screens.

Please contact MMS Electronics Ltd with your display or sensor enquiries.

Part numbers mentioned in this article:

EA DOGS104W-A                          EA DOGS164W-A

EA DOGS104B-A                           EA DOGS164B-A

EA DOGS104N-A                          EA DOGS164N-A

EA LED36x28-A                             EA LED40x33-A

EA LED36x28-GR                          EA LED40x33-ERW

EA LED36x28-ERW                      EA 9780-4USB

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