Mini contrast sensors reliably detect print marks on packaging and foils

With the new KTM mini contrast sensor from SICK, print marks can be detected on a wide range of packaging media, including reflective materials such as high-gloss foils or where contrast levels are low. This means it is suitable for high-speed packaging, food and drink, cosmetics, printing and other commercial wrapping and labelling operations.

Whether black or white, colour, matte or shiny, print marks are reliably detected, even where there is a minimal difference in brightness between the print or contrast marks and the background.  As well as differentiating between black and white, the sensor has a fine resolution of 20 grey tones to cope with a range of shades. Benefits also include a response time of just 35µs and a wide dynamic range which enable precise switching signals and positioning accuracy at high throughput speeds. The sensor is also easy to mount, even in restricted spaces, including perpendicular to the medium.

There are two variants available. The KTM Core has a white LED which offers a high level of performance for standard applications with simple manual adjustment via an integrated potentiometer; and the  high-performance KTM Prime is suitable for more challenging applications.

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