Megger acquires BALTO product line

Megger has acquired the BALTO product line from STEVO Electric.

BALTO products, continually developed since their launch in 2003, are the technological leaders in testing the operation of DC high-speed electrical circuit breakers. These circuit breakers provide protection for electrical equipment and are frequently found in DC traction, rail and underground transportation where their reliable operation is critical to maintaining safe operation. They also have applications in photovoltaic systems and in the mining, marine and heavy industrial sectors.

The BALTO products extend Megger’s offering to the rail and Metro industry, which is transitioning to more electrification, digital communication and control. The products complement Megger’s portfolio of solutions in electrical test, measurement and diagnostics, which facilitate condition monitoring of electrical assets in supply utilities and throughout industry.

Dr Andrew Dodds, Group Director commented, “This acquisition continues Megger’s growth ambitions and strengthens the support the company is able to give its customers in network protection testing.”

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