Meet the world’s first hand held fully automated pressure controller

Taking Portable Pressure Calibration to New Levels

With the release of the Additel 760 there is finally a portable automated pressure calibrator which can be held in the palm of your hand.

 Features include:

· Pressure ranges from +0.62 mbar to 20 bar.

· Fully automatic calibrator with built-in pump and controller.

· Switchable internal pressure models for expandable ranges.

· Accuracy (1 year) of 0.02%FS.

· External pressure modules available (measure only).

· Less than 4 lbs (1.8 kg) for handheld operation.

· Source pressure, measure pressure and electrical.

· The ADT 760’s innovative design contains a built-in pump, precision pressure sensor, internal controller and a large touch-screen colour display.

· USB, WI-FI and Bluetooth Communications.

Each unit has four channels: one internal pressure channel for source and measure pressures, two external pressure measurement channels, and one electronic measure and source channel. This series of calibrator has three standard models with the option of adding HART communications, documenting and data logging.

All ADT760s come with an adaptor set for convenient connection, external power supply, Li-ion rechargeable battery pack, test leads and a UKAS calibration certificate with data. There is also a range of cases, hose test kits, external pressure modules, and accessories.

For further information on the ADT 760 and other Additel equipment please visit

Chamois Metrology Limited
Unit 8 & 9 The Centre
Holywell Business Park
Northfield Road

Tel: +44 (0)1926 812066

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