Mecmesin set to showcase force and torque testing solutions at EIS Instrumentation, Analysis and Testing Exhibition

Mecmesin, a British manufacturer will demonstrate a selection of force and torque testing equipment for quality control on stand 55 at the 2019 EIS Instrumentation, Analysis and Testing Exhibition.

On show will be Mecmesin’s Vortex-xt torque tester and MultiTest-dV motorised force tester.  Designed to meet the diverse needs of both R&D laboratories and quality assurance environments, both machines offer excellent value for money.

The Vortex-xt is a multi-functional torque tester controlled by a touch-screen console. Rated up to 10 N.m it is accurate, easy to use and ideal for standalone use.

Its versatility as an automated torque tester makes it the perfect solution for routine testing of a wide range of components e.g. rotary switches and controls.

The Vortex-xt has a sturdy, twin-column, motorised test frame and features a choice of six interchangeable torque sensors to cover the range from 0.3 N.m up to 10 N.m.

Emperor software is at the heart of the Vortex-xt.  It runs on any Windows computer and controls the motor of the test frame whilst collecting data at an impressive 1,000 Hz from the ITC torque sensor and angle encoder of the frame.

Step-by-step test routines can be quickly and easily created according to the exact requirements of testing procedures. The most commonly used test routines can then be simply selected by the operator using their ‘favourites’ button or from a standard drop-down list.

By plotting measurement data in real-time on a graph the operator can identify exactly how the test specimen is performing. Pre-set calculations are used to analyse the data to determine whether the specimen has met the pass/fail criteria of the quality-control specifications.

At the end of the test, the powerful reporting module within Emperor™ allows the operator to issue a test report as a PDF. Additionally, the data can be exported to Excel or to the network for further analysis by a Statistical Process Control (SPC) package.

The MultiTest-dV is a versatile and easy to use stand-alone force tester.  Designed for precision-controlled compression and tension testing the MultiTest-dV’s simple controls, backed by sophisticated electronics, make it the ideal choice for a wide range of routine testing.

Ideal for routine quality control in a production or laboratory environment, there are 3 models in the range with ratings of 0.5 kN, 1 kN and 2.5 kN and offering a crosshead travel up to 1200 mm (47″).

With each model weighing around 25 kg (55 lbs) its compact design and small footprint make it an ideal bench-top tester for use in the quality-control laboratory or production area.

It delivers superior performance via its control panel and multifunctional control wheel, which allows the precise selection of test parameters such as speed and target force/displacement. Coloured LEDs clearly indicate the machine status during testing and operators can effortlessly follow the progress of the test from the force & displacement panel.

The MultiTest-dV can be configured at two levels.  It can be used with an AFG Digital Force Gauge for product testing, testing to a target displacement limit, load limit or break.  It can be combined with VectorPro™ Lite software for data acquisition, plotting of graphs, calculation of results, plus reporting and exporting of test data.

Alternatively it can be fitted with and ELS loadcell and connected to Mecmesin’s VectorPro MT material testing software for use as an entry level materials tester.

With more than 40 years’ experience in force, materials and torque testing technology Mecmesin force and torque testers provide the ideal solution for controlling the quality of engineering components, materials and products and assuring consistency from design to manufacture.   Around the world thousands of companies rely on Mecmesin test solutions to minimise rejects, improve production throughput and comply with a range of industry test standards.

Event information

Date: 2 April 2019

Location: The Silverstone Wing, Silverstone Race Track

Mecmesin’s stand: 55

Mecmesin Limited

Tel: +44 (0) 1403 799 979



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