Major upgrades of DewesoftX software released at no cost to users

Dewesoft are pleased to announce the release of DewesoftX 2021.4. The new version includes free upgrades to the Linked Processing Markers, the Reporting Add-in for Microsoft Word, J1939 Multiframe Support, and much more. DewesoftX users can download the new version at no cost.

Linked Processing Markers

The Linked Processing Markers revamp significantly improves performance and adds new capabilities. The FFT Markers available on the 2D Graph widget now have dedicated marker output channels allowing for the export and analysis of marker readings. New marker functionalities have been added, including Peak search, Value interpolation, the option to use scalar channels to drive marker positions, and a brand new Vector Cut marker and Trigger marker. These new capabilities open a whole new world of possibilities for data analysis applications.

Linked processing markers FFT graph upgrade

The set of 3D Graph markers is also expanded and now includes the X and Y Harmonic Cut, Max, and Free markers. FFT Markers are fully linked with all Cut markers, allowing for simultaneous visualisation in both the 2D and 3D space. All markers can now also be moved by keyboard for pixel-perfect positioning when extracting harmonics and other parameters from your data.

Reporting Add-in for Microsoft Word

For advanced reporting needs, the Reporting Add-in for Microsoft Word® acts as a bridge between DewesoftX and Word, allowing engineers to seamlessly integrate data acquired with DewesoftX into their reports. Using copy-and-paste, any display widget can be pasted into Word, which now creates a dynamic link between the two documents. Any changes made in DewesoftX can be automatically applied to the linked Word document with the click of a button.

Multiple data files can be linked to the same Word document, allowing the creation of multi-run reports. If further clarification is needed when presenting a report, the correct file can be automatically loaded into DewesoftX by selecting the widget in question and pressing the OPEN button in Word.

Changes made to the DewesoftX screen at left are automatically updated in the Microsoft Word document on the right.

Improved Channel Selector

The channel selector has been modified to make it easier to find and display the desired channels. To start, engineers can choose whether they want to see all available channels, only the ones that can be assigned to the selected widget, or only channels that are stored. When moving from widget to widget, the channel groups now remain in the same state, either expanded or collapsed and the position of the slider in the channel list is retained when displaying all available channels.

The improved channel selector is shown on the right side of the display

New group actions such as Expand or Collapse all channel groups, as well as clear channels from either the widget, widget group, or the entire display, are now available, making it easier to quickly update  widgets. Channels can also be added faster to new widgets by using the “Add to next slot” action, as can be seen in the example above.

Channel Limits Improvement

The channel limits provide a quick and easy way of monitoring if channel readings are reaching undesired values. The existing functionality has been improved to speed up the configuration time and make it even easier to detect unwanted behavior.  Whenever assigning new Warn/Crit limits to a channel, the notification about the limit being exceeded will be held indefinitely, or until the channel’s status is reset. Alternatively, a hold time can be defined after which the notification will automatically be cleared. For better traceability, an alarm message can be written into the alarm log channel.

Interaction with Channel Limits

To speed up display building, DewesoftX can now automatically colour the readings on digital meters or draw limit lines on the recorder, as can be seen in the example below:

Channel limits can be automatically colored or marked, depending on the display type

FFT Analysis Update

The FFT Analysis module update boasts a thorough UI refresh, combining all recently introduced new functionalities in a user-friendly manner to keep one of the most widely used DewesoftX tools in tip-top shape. The FFT Analysis now supports a searchable cross-spectrum reference field, making it easier to configure for high channel count systems. In addition, the calculation functionalities were expanded with the support for extraction of non-integer harmonics and straightforward selection among the standard SI output units.

J1939 Multi-Frame Support

New developments in the electric vehicle market are setting up standards for the communication between the vehicle and the charger. One of those is the GB/T 27930, a Chinese standard for communication protocols between the off-board conductive charger and the battery management system for electric vehicles.

Multi-frame messages from the DBC file are automatically imported

The standard uses the CAN bus with J1939 multi-frame messages. To support this, DewesoftX’s CAN module has been upgraded and expanded. Up to now, only single messages up to 64 bits were supported. With the expansion, this function is available as standard, and any J1939 DBC file that has multi-frame messages will automatically be recognised, and its messages will be properly imported and decoded. This upgrade also supports decoding of NMEA2000 messages.

Other Updates

The C++ plugin wizard has been expanded with the Export plugin accompanied by a PRO training demonstrating how to develop custom exports.

The CFC filter, increasingly used in the automotive field in recent years, especially in the crash and impact testing, is a new module in Dewesoft’s filter library.

DewesoftX 2021.4 is a free upgrade for all Dewesoft customers and is compatible with all Dewesoft data acquisition systems. You can download it from our download centre, where you will also find a change-log listing all the minor improvements and bug fixes.

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