Lohas Tech to present BioRF at CES

Lohas Tech is to take its BioRF artery radar to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, 5-8 January 2017.

BioRF artery radar is a sensor to detect artery pulse wave, which offers a solution to pulse wave velocity (PWV) and blood pressure (BP) trend monitoring.

Lohas Tech says the soft antenna of BioRF can closely track artery pulse with no pressure against the skin. The portable radar can easily measure pulse wave velocity (PWV), and can be used to detect arterial stiffness, or track blood pressure in a continuous, non-invasive manner, thus slashing the cost of traditional medical equipment, making medical checks on cardio vascular diseases more accessible to people and bringing mobile medical treatment into reality. 

Lohas Tech will also showcase at CES several designs that integrate BioRF into various devices that apply to a wide range of scenarios, such as clothing, weighing scales and smart watches.

BioRF is gradually entering the mass production phase. LiangLiang Pulse Wave Smart Watch embedded with BioRF artery radar launched crowdfunding last month.

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