Let Powelectrics Metron Intelligence channel your process data into insight and strategy!

Powelectrics Metron Intelligence uses the company’s IIoT know-how to channel your process data into practical insight and inform your management strategy.

Powelectrics offers over 30 years of expertise and practical experience in instrumentation and digitalisation. The company delivers IIoT solutions globally, customising its versatile suite of IIoT technologies to gather data from a vast range of sensors, machines and IIoT devices.

Let Powelectrics’ IIoT Solution Architects guide you … from a first step towards digital transformation … to an international estate of connected assets!

Use contextual analysis, anomaly detection, artificial intelligence and machine learning to maximise efficiency, minimise cost and waste and improve margin.

How Does Metron Intelligence Work?

  • Multiple performance indicators can be measured.
  • Reliable data is reported via multiple communication technologies.
  • It is received into one versatile, customisable platform.
  • There are multiple outputs to suit the application.
  • Your data is processed to provide insight and inform management strategy.

Learn more about Metron Intelligence here.

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Learn more about Metron Intelligence for Condition Monitoring here.

What can Powelectrics Metron Intelligence do for you?

Please browse the Powelectrics website and get in touch with the company with any queries you have or applications you would like to discuss. Call +44 1827 310 666, email sales@powelectrics.co.uk or use this contact form.

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