LEMO’s latest high density multipole plastic connector is now also available through Farnell

This new range of UL recognised connectors feature a novel patented internal latching system, which provides additional protection for the latches, further strengthening an already tough plastic circular connector

Based on the long-established Redel 1P range of connectors, which are widely used in medical applications, the re-arrangement of latches also provides extra space to permit a significant increase in the number of contacts by the use of a rectangular insert from a maximum of 14 contacts to 22 contacts all 1.2A continuous rated.

Other benefits include 3 keys for ease of mating, particularly blind mating, ease of termination due to the linear pin arrangement of contacts extensive resistance to sterilisation and identical panel cut-out as the standard Redel 1P range.

For further information on the new Redel SP connectors available from Farnell visit uk.farnell.com or www.lemo.co.uk or email sales@lemo.co.uk or phone +44 (0) 1903 234543

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