Laser Components Detector Group joins University of Arizona as an Industrial Affiliate

Laser Components Detector Group has joined the prestigious Optical Sciences Center (OSC) of the University of Arizona as an Industrial Affiliate (IA) and is listed as an Associate Partner by the James C. Wyant College of Optical Sciences.  Shankar Baliga, senior product manager, will serve as the coordinator and contact person for the Detector Group.

As a member of the Industrial Affiliate programme, the Arizona based company will use its areas of expertise in strengthening its ties to one of the world’s leading institutes in optical research and education.  Being part of the affiliate programme gains access to a broad spectrum of optics applications and provides an opportunity to interact with a pool of highly talented and educated potential employees.

IA members are invited to participate in Workshop and Corporate Showcase events held twice a year.  The fall edition of 2021 is scheduled for October 25-27.   Additional benefits include year-round online access to student resumes, the posting of internship and employment positions, privileged library access, and presenting their work at technical colloquiums.  IAs are permitted to provide second year M.S. students with an industrial-track M.S. degree program on a thesis topic of mutual agreement between the company and faculty.

“We at Laser Components are very pleased to be part of this distinguished and esteemed Affiliate Programme that brings us together with the optics community”, stated Baliga. “It affords us great opportunities to share our expertise in the photonics industry, with the ability to help those who are interested in pursuing and advancing their careers and goals”.

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