Lake Shore Cryotronics Material Characterisation Systems

Delivering precise measurement and control of temperature and magnetic fields

Quantum Design UK and Ireland are proud to distribute Lake Shore Cryotronics throughout the UK and Ireland. In this article, we are looking into Lake Shore systems and their applications and ease-of-use as well as interesting webinars, videos and case studies.

These systems measure electrical and magnetic transport properties of following materials and areas of research:

Fields of study and research

Photovoltaic and thermoelectric applications
Photovoltaic (solar cell) and thermoelectric materials are often characterised by low mobilities. This characteristic makes them difficult or impossible to measure using traditional DC field Hall methods.

These materials are the basis for printable and flexible electronic devices, as well as organic light emitting diodes and organic solar cell materials.

Featuring Lake Shore’s patented FastHall measurement technique, the M91 fundamentally changes the way the Hall effect is generated and measured by eliminating the need to switch the polarity of the applied magnetic field during the measurement.

This breakthrough results in faster, more precise measurements, especially when measuring very low mobility materials.

M91 FastHall™ Measurement Controller

Simpler and more convenient

  • All-in-one instrument
  • Automatically selects optimal excitation and measurement levels
  • Automatically executes measurement steps
  • Provides complete Hall analysis
  • Easy to use, easy to integrate with existing lab systems

Makes better measurements, faster

  • No need to reverse the magnetic field with FastHall
  • Up to 100× faster for low mobility materials
  • Improves accuracy by minimizing thermal drift


  • Build a new Hall system or upgrade an existing one
  • Add state-of-the-art Hall measurement capability to any lab
  • Use with any type of magnet

Discover its capabilities…VIDEO: Lake Shore M91 Fast Hall Measurement Controller Hands On Demonstration

In this video, Kevin Carmichael, Director of Applications Engineering for Lake Shore, provides a hands-on demonstration of Lake Shore’s MeasureReady™ M91 FastHall measurement controller a revolutionary, all-in-one instrument that delivers significantly higher levels of precision, speed, and convenience to researchers involved in the study of electronic materials.


A New Method of Hall Analysis of Low Mobility Materials

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The highest performance tabletop system for van der Pauw and Hall bar samples

The MeasureReady™ M91 FastHall™ measurement controller is a revolutionary, all-in-one Hall analysis instrument that delivers significantly higher levels of precision, speed, and convenience to researchers involved in the study of electronic materials.


Hall Measurement Webinar with Jeff Lindemuth and Kevin Carmichael

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8600 Series Vibrating Sample Magnetometer

Advanced measurement performance

The 8600 Series vibrating sample magnetometer raises the bar for magnetometer performance and convenience. These VSMs combine high sensitivity (15 nemu), rapid measurement speed (10 ms/pt), and simple operation for more accurate measurements, faster.

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More science, less time

Named ‘one of the 100 most technologically significant new products’ of 2017 in Analytical/Test category

  • Advanced measurement performance
  • Convenient operation
  • Designed for FORC
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Performance driven

Measurement Applications

The need to characterise new and emerging materials continues to push the limits of electromagnet-based VSM systems. The 8600 Series VSM steps up to meet the most demanding material research applications.

Extremely fast data acquisition cycles make the system ideal for research environments where rapid measurement results can accelerate the discovery of important new properties. QuickLIGN™ sample holders are offered for thin film, liquid, powder, and bulk samples, making the VSM an excellent choice for busy labs with varying sample measurement needs.

The high sensitivity of the 8600 Series VSM particularly benefits research into low moment materials such as ultra-thin magnetic films and multilayers, nanoscale magnetic materials, dilute magnetic semiconductors, and paleomagnets.

The system benefits applications involving the study of:

  • Natural magnets (rocks, sediments, etc.)
  • Nanoscale wires, particles, nano-crystalline alloys, etc.
  • Magnetic semiconductors
  • Ferrofluids
  • Magnetic thin films and multi-layers
  • Ferrites and permanent magnets, including rare-earth materials
  • Magnetocaloric effect materials

Hall Effect Systems

Case Study

2Dex Hall Sensors Planar Hall Effect Investigation in Cryogenic Environment

University of Cambridge – Quantum Sensors Group

Read here

Get the new Hall Handbook FREE!

A comprehensive resource for both new and experienced researchers, this 88-page handbook from Lake Shore Cryotronics’ Senior Scientist Dr. Jeffrey Lindemuth covers the theory of Hall effect measurements, methods to measure the resistivity of materials, the intrinsic and geometric sources of error, and methods to minimize the effects of these errors. Get your copy today!

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Electromagnet Systems

The multi-purpose MCS-EMP electromagnet platform provides all of the essential components required for automated, variable field experiments.

The multi-purpose MCS-EMP electromagnet platform provides all of the essential components required for automated, variable field experiments. Each MCS-EMP builds on a 4-inch or 7-inch electromagnet with pole caps, magnet base, and pedestal. Magnets feature ExactGAP™ precision-settable sample gaps. 2-inch pole caps are standard on the 4-inch MCS‑EMP, and convertible 4-inch/2-inch caps are standard on the 7-inch MCS-EMP. Optical access is optional.

Discover the MCS-EMP

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