Keeping cool in a hot environment

RHEINTACHO FP speed sensors in use from -40 °C to +160 °C (-40 °F to +320 °F)

The FP series of speed sensors are especially suitable for use in environments with extreme temperature loads, e.g. encapsulated motors or installation situations with limited heat exchange.

Due to the intelligent and modern electronic design, mechanics and electronics are very well suited to withstand extreme temperature loads.

This was verified with a long-term high temperature test in which the sensor was exposed to temperatures up to +160 °C.

The completely newly developed series of sensors for the rotational speed and direction detection has the following additional technical data:

  • High-tech plastic sensor with 90° phase shift
  • Insertion depths: 35 mm and 45 mm
  • Protection class: IP65
  • Standstill detection (from 0 Hz)
  • High temperature resistance

With the sensor electronics used here, the FP series offer reliable signal detection already from zero speed.

The electronics are based on the 2-channel Differential-Hall principle and are suitable, for example, for applications in the fields of electric drives and forklift trucks.

In developing this new series, the Freiburg-based sensor manufacturer is relying on the FK sensors that have already been successfully used in numerous applications for many years. Optimizations in terms of housing geometry, materials and electronics design offer potential customers a high degree of innovation and performance while maintaining the successful and reliable concept of the FK series.

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