JonDeTech has verified the process for high volume production of its sensors

JonDeTech is now finished with the task of industrialising several process steps in the manufacture of the company’s IR sensors. Thanks to the developed process, JonDeTech can produce about seven million sensors per year with the help of the current third-party supplier.

Since last autumn JonDeTech has worked with a high volume manufacturer to industrialise a number of process steps in the manufacture of the company’s IR sensors. The company has now verified the process, where panels with functioning sensors are produced with an even quality and good “yield”, that is, the number of functioning sensors per manufactured panel.

The verification means that the process steps, with minor adjustments, can be outsourced to additional third-party vendors with volume capacities of up to one hundred million sensors per year and producer.

“This is a milestone for our manufacturing, where many bottlenecks have been removed. Now we are continuing to carry out another tech transfer where we implement an internal process on a larger producer. If we succeed, we will be very flexible and cost-effective for variations of future production volumes,” said Leif Borg, COO at JonDeTech.

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