JonDeTech appoints a production manager

JonDeTech has appointed Leif Borg as product manager for the company to lead daily operations.

“The position is completely refurbished and Leif will work to systematically handle our everyday issues as we approach a full commercialisation phase”, says Robert Ekström, CEO of JonDeTech.

Leif Borg is an engineer with extensive experience in business development, organisational development, R&D as well as production and manufacturing. Leif has previously worked as both Factory- and production manager and business developer at companies such as Astra Zeneca, Crane Currency and Eberspächer.

”JonDeTech is an exciting company with committed owners and employees. The challenge is to create consensus on the present situation and the activities we need to prioritise, both in the short and long term, and then make them happen,” says Leif Borg.

Leif Borg will strengthen JonDeTech by systematically developing the business, and making the company even more professional for the coming commercialisation phase. Leif will be overall involved in the company regarding strategies, plans and execution, such as choice and follow-up of subcontractors and manufacturing partners, warehouse and logistics solutions as well as support for production and manufacturing.

”As we approach the commercialization phase for the IR sensor, the need to ensure who is responsible for what, what forums is needed and when things need to be done is increasing. With Leif’s long and extensive background, we now embark on a person who has a clear focus on leadership and experience in developing organizations from a variety of industries”, says Robert Ekström, CEO of JonDeTech.

JonDeTech sensors are very small and thin (thickness 0.2 mm) compared with traditional sensors, which allows them to be integrated into many different types of products. JonDeTech is primarily aimed at international customers who develop applications in consumer electronics and the Internet of Things.

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