J.A. Woollam has teamed up with Linkam to bring precise temperature control to its ellipsometry instruments

Thin films can be used to modify the optical characteristics of a surface, its electrical conductivity, its hardness or lubricity, its corrosion resistance, and its chemical inertness. It is important to understand how these properties are affected by temperature. Some materials even go through a phase transition at specific temperatures that greatly alters their optical properties. J.A. Woollam’s range of instruments provide accurate thin-film characterisation, which can be further enhanced by studying the material’s temperature dependence.

The knowledge of J.A. Woollam’s dedicated scientists and engineers has been combined with Linkam’s expertise in temperature-controlled stages to form a close partnership. By adapting its market-leading heat stages for J.A. Woollam’s custom ellipsometry instruments, the partnership provides thin-film researchers with tailor-made, temperature-controlled ellipsometers for a broad set of applications.

Read the case study here: https://qd-uki.co.uk/linkam-case-study-breaking-new-ground-in-thin-film-research-with-temperature-controlled-ellipsometry/

Quantum Design represent J A Woollam in the UK and Ireland.  Find out more at https://qd-uki.co.uk/ellipsometers/

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