It’s time to rethink cleaning validation. Reduce the need for swabbing and increase efficiency

Accurate results are vital in cleaning validation, however lengthy waits for results increase downtime and reduce efficiency. Traditional swabbing methods are time-consuming and often require repeat attempts. Inaccessible areas may be missed, and it can be difficult to ensure that the swabbing is always carried out to the highest standard.

For those looking for a solution to these problems, TraC is a handheld instrument for measuring trace chemical contaminants on surfaces, with a particular focus on cleaning validation and process control for pharmaceutical product manufacturing. It allows easy access to difficult areas and detects trace contaminants in real time, eliminating the need for swabbing and giving immediate, accurate results. With TraC, the whole cleaning validation process can be carried out in-house, minimising downtime and increasing efficiency. The device does not need to leave the facility, in line with EU GMP guidelines.


he TraC sensor has a ppb limit of detection for many chemical and biological materials on surfaces as well as small concentrations of chemical and microbial material in liquids. It also has a large depth of focus.

Weighing less than a kilogram, TraC can operate for over 24 hours on an internal battery without recharge.
It can be used in product quality control or equipment cleaning validation to inspect manufactured products and production surfaces. When fitted with liquid samplers, flow cells, or windows, it allows
you to look directly into mixing and bioreactor growth chambers.

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  • Pharmaceutical cleaning validation
  • Process monitoring


  • Enables in-house cleaning validation
  • Detects trace contaminants down to µg/cm2
  • Gives accurate measurements in a fraction of the time, compared to swabbing
  • The device remains on site, in keeping with GMP
  • Maximises efficiency and minimises downtime


  • Real-time optical scanning
  • High sensitivity
  • High selectivity
  • Non-contact
  • Non-destructive

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