InvenSense SensorStudio connects with the Samsung ARTIK platform

InvenSense will showcase SensorStudio alongside the Samsung ARTIK 710 development board at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

SensorStudio is a powerful graphical software development tool to ease the development and programming of sensors and algorithms. The integrated Samsung ARTIK Smart IoT platform provides the fastest path to secure, interoperable, and intelligent IoT products and services.

The effort brings the embedded development capabilities of SensorStudio to the Samsung ARTIK IoT Ecosystem. SensorStudio and the InvenSense FireFly ICM-30670 Development Kit are now compatible with the Samsung ARTIK end-to-end IoT platform. Together empowering developers with easy-to-use APIs and an SDK for an intelligent set of ecosystem tools to differentiate and speed development time-to-market.

“Combining SensorStudio and the Samsung ARTIK platform helps our customers transmit their sensors and algorithms outputs faster to the Samsung ARTIK Cloud, with end-to-end security,” said Mark Wright, director, product management, platform and partnerships at Samsung.

“We are listening to the growing InvenSense Developers community, and are enabling them to realise the distributed computing architecture required to achieve optimised successful IoT products,” said Herve Blanc, Product Marketing Director, InvenSense. “SensorStudio is fast gaining traction with industry leaders such as the Samsung ARTIK IoT platform in assisting developers without specialised IoT skills to work quickly, and with greater productivity.”

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