International expert guests at IFA+ Summit

Renowned experts from all over the world are coming together at the IFA+ Summit on 8 and 9 September to deepen their knowledge of future technologies. How will artificial intelligence influence society? How will man and machine interact? Which data will we be utilizing for new technology? Nine days from now, Shalev Lifshitz, one of the world’s youngest AI researchers; ethics expert Cansu Canca; Véronique Larcher, Director of AMBEO Immersive Audio for Sennheiser; and Professor of Programming Languages and Systems Fritz Henglein, will be discussing these topics and more.

Voice assistants, intelligent chat bots, smart homes – these technologies are influencing society, our security and how we handle data. While many innovations can be marvelled at today at IFA, international thought leaders will be discussing what our technologized future will look like at IFA’s two-day think tank. The IFA+Summit offers fascinating insights into blockchain, robotics, VR and AI on 8 and 9 September under the topic “Shifting Patterns: The Rise of Dataism”.

One of the world’s youngest researchers in the area of AI, Shalev Lifshitz is developing a new neural network which behaves as the human brain. The aim of the Canadian is to clear the path for human-like AI and, at the same time, ensure that we are asking the right questions and preparing ourselves for our intelligent future. Shalev Lifshitz will explain what must be done to create human-like AI, and he will discuss what is needed to ensure a positive future for humanity.

Cansu Canca, Founder and Director of AI Ethics Lab in Boston and Istanbul, and her team are developing analyses and recommendations for the ethics of technology. With her work, the expert, with a doctorate in Philosophy, is supporting researchers and developers in implementing ethical principles when developing AI-driven applications. At the IFA+ Summit, she will be speaking about how coveted ethical AI is today – and how difficult it is to achieve it.

In the talk by Véronique Larcher, Director of AMBEO Immersive Audio at Sennheiser, the focus is on intelligent bots. Soon, the algorithms behind chat bots will know so much about us by analyzing our behaviors and preferences that they will be able to speak for us in chats – even when we are no longer living. This “digital immortality” is what the Swiss expert will be illustrating at the convention.

Fritz Henglein is professor for programming languages and systems at the University of Copenhagen. Among other things, he is researching the semantic, logic and algorithm aspects of programming. At the same time, in his role as Head of Research for Deon Digital AG, he is working on secure and scalable digital contract technologies for both decentralized systems, such as blockchain, and centralized solutions. At the IFA+ Summit, the Danish expert is explaining how such smart digital contracts contribute to a democratic economic system.

The program for the IFA+ Summit and an overview of all speakers can be found at Tickets are available for 599 euros at Students can take part for 299 euros. Day Passes are also available.

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