Instrument Panels and Systems Designed and Built to Last

Moore Industries Europe’s Systems Group offers full engineering and design services for instrument panels and systems in the process monitoring and control industries. Moore Industries engineers work as part of your team to deliver dependable solutions to complex applications using exceptionally rugged, reliable, and high-quality Moore Industries products. If your site needs an instrument configuration, wiring advice or a complete enclosure wired down to input and output terminals, Moore Industries can help.

Industrial DIN rail mount multi-channel signal transmitter, datalogger and Ethernet interface

Moore Industries’ NCS Net Concentrator System offers a cost effective and convenient way to bring remote I/O points back to a host monitoring or control system over Ethernet or just a simple twisted pair. The NCS also has built in peer-to-peer capability that allows you to bring in hundreds of remote analogue and discrete signals over one twisted pair, Ethernet, Fibre or wireless link and reproduce those original signals to be sent directly to control room I/O cards. In harsh environments where traditional control room I/O can’t handle the heat, the NCS is an ideal solution with an operating temperature range of -40 to 85C for the entire series of I/O modules. This allows the NCS to be placed in cabinets and enclosures with minimum cooling requirements.

A great example of the scope of Moore Industries capability is an integrated panel system designed and built for an electrolytic copper refinery to monitor voltage more reliably and efficiently on more than 700 electrolytic cells used to produce A grade copper. The refining process in this type of plant begins with copper anodes of 99% pure copper plates produced in a copper smelter. These copper anodes are submerged in an acidic copper sulphate solution, between stainless steel “mother” plates (cathodes) in the electrolytic refinery tank house to remove remaining impurities from the copper.


Moore Industries engineered Net Concentrator System (NCS) components to perform Cell Voltage Monitoring. The NCS components included 192 TIM Temperature Input Modulesmeasuring cell voltage drop in millivolts, housed in 12 cabinets. The complete NCS system provided critical real-time

performance monitoring of the cell voltages via Ethernet, improving overall house maintenance and management. This allowed the operations staff to realize significant gains in production quality and the amount of copper produced.

Production at the metallurgical plant. Industrial premises in which copper is cleaned by electrolysis.

Obsolescence solutions – SPA2 units in bespoke rack

The Moore Industries Systems Group also specialises in using versatile and substantiated Moore Industries products to solve issues that site teams encounter with obsolete components. By helping to match the configuration and recommend improvements, the benefits of new technology are maximised. All of this is delivered using standardised, rigorous, and proven quality processes that establish minimum requirements, design approvals, witnessed testing, documentation and certification.

In the example below Moore Industries was able to design a bespoke 23” rack mounted enclosure which held eight SPA2 Limit Alarm Trips.

An over temperature detection voting system was relying on eight panel mounted temperature trip amplifiers installed in the 1980s. The stores had run out of spares and the original manufacturer had stopped producing that model. It was clear that the best instrument to replace the trip amps was the versatile SPA2 with its exceptional temperature input processing (Moore Industries STA  units would be selected if this panel required a Safety Instrumented System). Since the site needed to view unit displays at all times, the original 23” mounting plate was swapped out for a 23” sub rack containing the SPA2 units. Wiring to terminals on the rear of the sub rack made this a perfect form and fit replacement for the original design and will be long lasting with its DIN Rail mount options. The installation was rapid for the site team and this project has led to several other 19-inch and 23-inch variants as well as unusual panel shapes from other obsolete panels. Moore Industries was also able to provide new features not available with the original transmitters, such as fault indicators and analogue repeats, great for hooking up to dataloggers or NCS Systems to use the temperatures elsewhere.

Moore Industries has been in business for more than 50 years and is an expert in designing and building solutions with high performance instrumentation and components used to control and monitor temperature, pressure, level, flow, and Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS). Their customised electrical interface and control panels eliminate the need to specify, procure, and assemble multi-vendor instrumentation and hardware. Let Moore Industries integrate all your components into a ready-to-install instrument sub-system. Instrumentation, cabinets, wiring, tubing, relays, power supplies—whatever is required—the Moore Industries Systems Group can supply and assemble what you need.

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