Industrial Interface’s complete range of Ethernet input and output modules

Industrial Interface will be exhibiting their complete range of Ethernet input and output modules at the Sensors & Instrumentation exhibition at the NEC in September.

The units allows virtually any type of sensor or signal to be galvanically isolated and transmitted to any industrial Ethernet, RS232 or RS485 network. A typical system consists of an E-100 with an Ethernet port and a number of ISOSLICE input or output modules linked to the E-100 via a local bus.

The field sensors are wired into the ISOSLICE units which are in turn read by the E-100 gateway via the local bus and the values then stored in Modbus registers on the E-100.

ISOSLICE units are available for mA, voltage thermocouple, RTD, load cell and AC current or voltage signals. In total up to 1024 inputs can be linked to the E-100 and stored in Modbus registers.

The E-100 has a small in-built LED display which can be used to view the values of any inputs in real engineering units, a great commissioning and trouble –shooting tool.

The data stored on the E-100 can also be sent via either a 2G or 3G mobile network using the RAMPORT-DIN device.

For more information on this unique low cost solution and our range of wireless systems and sensors please see or visit us on Stand Number B5 at Sensors & Instrumentation.

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