ifm helps to ensure safe extraction!

Flow sensors in the new SA series from ifm electronic have been specifically developed to provide accurate and reliable monitoring of exhaust air flow on machines, thereby helping to ensure that potentially harmful dust, gases and vapours are safely removed and do not escape into the factory environment. The sensors incorporate robust stainless-steel probes, which makes them suitable for use in many applications where corrosive gases and vapours are present.

Three versions of ifm’s new SA sensors are available. The SA5020 has a 45 mm long probe and an M18 fitting, while the SA4120 and SA4320 have 100 mm and 200 mm long probes respectively and are installed via a compression fitting that allows optimal installation in ducts and pipes. All types available in this range have an air velocity measuring range of 0.6 to 30 m/s and all incorporate a temperature sensor. In many applications, this means that one sensor can do the job of two.

A variety of outputs are available from SA sensors: a switching signal with user-adjustable set points, a conventional analogue signal, a frequency signal, and an IO-Link interface that provides accurate digital data transmission irrespective of the length of the cabling to the sensor. The IO-Link interface can also be used for parameterisation, although basic settings can also be made using the sensor’s integrated pushbuttons and display.

Accessories for SA-series exhaust air-flow sensors include a variety of fittings and seals, along with M12 connecting cables and a USB IO-Link master for use as an aid to parameterisation and diagnostics.


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