IEPE accelerometer battery power & simulator

DJB Instruments UK Ltd has added two IEPE accessories to their range of accelerometers and instrumentation. The new VB/01 is a low cost battery powered single channel IEPE accelerometer supply which provides 4mA constant current supply at 18VDC, with LED indicators for power, short circuit and open circuit it is perfect for field testing where no mains power is available.

The new 8401 IEPE sensor simulator is the first in a range of simulator products due for launch in 2014. The 8401 installs in place of an IEPE accelerometer (or other sensor) and accepts signals from a voltage function generator. This allows the user to verify signal conditioning settings and cable integrity, the 8401 uses the power from the IEPE signal conditioning to complete the checks.

Commenting on the new products, DJB’s Technical Manager, Gary Chadwick said ‘Though these products are far from unique we have tried to improve their cost effectiveness and the amount of sensor feedback available to the user. At the same time we have used them as the basis for new products that will create genuine progression through integrating multiple requirements into one product.’

Available to order now, the VB/01 and 8401 simulator details are available on the website.

For more details and to receive a quotation call Sales on +44 (0) 1638 712 288 or email


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