I2C Digital Pressure Sensors for Water and Gas Network Monitoring

The LD Series is the smallest fully functional OEM I2C digital transmitter for pressure and temperature measurement by KELLER.

The LD Series is the market leading sensor for gas and water pressure monitoring. These sensors have an accomplished real-life total error band of ±1.2mbar and resolution of 0.7mbar over -20°C… 70°C (100mbar sensor).

This performance enables Equipment Manufacturers to measure pressure data more accurately improving the quality and reliability of information to minimise gas/water leakage, ultimately reducing costs for utility companies.

All the electronic components are contained within the oil filled housing making the sensors easy for system integration. The I2C interface allows for multiple sensor monitoring and simple plug and play technology.

  • Pressure ranges from 0.1… 1000 bar
  • Operating temperature range from -40… 110°C
  • Fully factory compensated
  • Low power consumption of 1.8… 3.6VDC
  • Ultra-compact, robust housing made from stainless steel (optional Hastelloy C-276)
  • Extremely accurate, outstanding long-term stability, no hysteresis
  • Intrinsically safe option

Find more details at http://www.keller-druck.com/home_e/paprod_e/4ld_e.asp

“Probably the world’s smallest pressure transmitters; with their I2C interface, these are excellent for simple integration in microcontroller­based systems. The low-power optimised design lends itself well to battery operated devices.”


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