HWM delivers bespoke pressure and leak noise monitoring solution to world’s largest manufacturer of Methylene Diiphenyl Diisocyanate

When Wanhua Chemical required both pressure and leak noise monitoring for their water network, they turned to HWM for a bespoke solution.

Approaching HWM with a unique set of requirements, Wanhua Chemical needed accurate monitoring of both the pressure within their water network and leak noise to identify leaking pipes.

To be able to meet these specific requirements HWM combined its Multilog LX2 data logger with a Hydrophone Sensor. The Hydrophone is able to monitor both pressure and leak noise, while the Multilog LX2 records the data and used both 3G and GPRS transmission to provide Wanhua Chemical with the recorded information.

Wanhua Chemical is the first company to use the combination of the Multilog LX2 and a Hydrophone Sensor to monitor both pressure and leak noise. The successful installation of 42 loggers allows Wanhua Chemical to completely monitor the water network at one of their main manufacturing sites.

Throughout the trial and installation process, HWM has offered regular support to Wanhua Chemical, including weekly meetings to discuss the status of the project.

HWM has also been able to support in the choosing of locations within the network for the loggers to be installed. One logger was found to be picking up external noise after installation and this was resulting in false leak readings. The support meetings between HWM and Wanhua Chemical helped to resolve this issue swiftly and effectively.

With HWM’s ongoing support, Wanhua Chemical will continue to successfully monitor their water network using the innovative combination of the Multilog LX2 and the Hydrophone Sensor.

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