Huba Control AG will exhibit extended Vortex flow sensor range at Sensors & Instrumentation

Huba Control AG will be using this year’s Sensors & Instrumentation Exhibition to showcase its range of sensors including its extended range of Vortex flow sensors which now includes the DN6 and DN32 versions which enable flow rates of between 0.5 l/min and 240 l/min to be measured. The range also includes two new brass bodied sensors Type 235 and Type 236 and they are all available with Frequency, 0…10V or 4…20mA outputs. With no moving parts the flow sensors are not sensitive to debris, have marginal pressure loss, high accuracy and are available with and without temperature measurement.

Distinct advantages include:

Low cost combined with high levels of accuracy
Measuring element not sensitive to debris
Excellent media resistance
Media temperatures up to 125°C
Excellent EMC characteristics
Direct temperature measurement from the medium



Pressure Transmitters

Huba’s extensive range of transmitters include several ATEX Approved versions, the Type 520 and Type 528 transmitters offer pressure ranges from –1… 600 Bar and we have recently added two with Shipbuilding Approval, the Type 522 and Type 527 that are available either with a fully welded construction or with our proven ceramic cell technology.

Electronic Pressure Switches
The product offering has also seen the introduction of 2 new electronic pressure switches, the Type 521 relative pressure switch incorporating a fully welded cell available in 0…2.5 – 600 bar and the Type 529 relative and absolute pressure switch incorporating our unique ceramic technology available in –1…0 – 60 bar. Both switches are available with N/C and N/O functions and have a large selection of electrical and pressure connections.

Level Pressure Sensor
A new OEM level sensing pressure transmitter Type 712 have been introduced which is manufactured using an absolute pressure measuring cell with an adjusted and amplified sensor signal, available with various cable lengths from 2m to 30m with ATEX protection as well as versions with integrated temperature measurement. In addition to voltage and current outputs the Type 712 is available with ratiometric outputs.
Differential Pressure Sensors

The synergy of our unique diaphragms in combination with our ceramic cantilever beam technology allows for the production of transmitters with excellent long term stability for very fine measurement in the Pascal range, a typical example of this is the Type 699 Differential Pressure Transmitter with its selectable outputs and pressure ranges which deliver adjusted and temperature compensated sensor signals, available as standardised voltage or current output and is ideal for monitoring low air flow in air conditioning systems and for the measurement of fine pressure in laboratory, environmental and clean room applications.

Distinct advantages include:
     Adjustable measurement ranges
     Switchable output signals
     Zero point reset button
     Switchable response curve – linear or root extracted
     Display options – pressure unit or % FS
     MODBUS Module
In addition the Type 604 pressure switch is used as a ?p flow switch in ventilation ducts for the controlling filters and fans and in primary and secondary control systems controlling air dampers. The switch is also ideally suited to protect heating coils and for monitoring industrial air cooling circuits.

Distinct advantages include:
     High adjustment accuracy through individual laser etched scale
     Long term stability of switching points through trapezoidal bead diaphragm
     Multilayered gold plated contacts
     IP65 Cover
     Case geometry providing easy cable lead-in
     Cable stain relief integrated in PG11
The Type 692 differential pressure transmitter provides highly cost effective solutions across a wide variety of wet or dry process applications such as filter monitoring, pump staging, tank level indication and compressor control for system pressures up to 50 bar and media temperatures up to 85ºC. With 24 standard ranges from 0.1bar to 25bar differential pressure, outputs of 4…20 mA, 0…5 V and 0…10 V and a response time of less than 5ms the Type 692 is ideally suited for use in closed loop control. Wetted parts are a combination of stainless steel or PVDF material, with seals including EPDM, NBR, MVQ, FPM or Neoprene combined with our proven unique ceramic technology ensures a stable and reliable long term performance.

The production department is designed with varying degrees of rationalisation, (fully, semi and partially automatic manufacturer) depending on the quantities involved. A key strength is our mastery of complex automated production processes, including automatic calibration, which enables a short turn round of one off products and large scale production runs.

Typically, our sensors are used in applications such as:
CHP / Micro-CHP

Huba Control AG – Branch Office UK
Unit 13 Berkshire House
County Park Business Centre
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Phone: +44 (0) 1993 776667
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