hSensor Platform for health and fitness applications

Maxim Integrated’s new hSensor Platform can be used to validate next-generation solutions for health, wellness and high-end fitness applications

Creating a custom board with sensors can be complex, as designers must first build custom hardware and firmware to validate their concepts and then build prototypes before starting any field trials. From there, they generally spend a significant amount of time evaluating sensors and existing solutions. Maxim says its hSensor Platform eliminates the extra three to six months it typically takes to develop a prototype by bringing all the hardware building blocks together on one PCB.

The hSensor Platform includes an hSensor board, complete firmware with drivers, a debugger board, and a graphical user interface (GUI). With access to firmware source code on Maxim’s website, the platform allows designers to load algorithms for different uses and adapt to their specific applications. The platform can be used for health, wellness, and high-end fitness applications such as chest straps, ECG patches, wrist-worn devices, thermometers, disposable temperature patches, blood oxygen measurement, smart weigh scales and bio authentication.

Commenting on the new platform, Matt Banet, chief scientific officer at toSense, said: “With Maxim’s hSensor Platform, we’ve taken a very complex measurement process and made it simple and streamlined. It offers an easy-to-use development kit which we have successfully implemented into our own hardware platform.”

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