Hits the spot

The latest tiny photoelectric sensors from ifm electronic

When it comes to high precision detection in a tight space, there is nothing better than the latest offering from ifm electronic Ltd, the O6 Laser range. Not just detection of small components but even measuring their position with high accuracy is a simple matter for these sensors.

These new additions to ifm’s popular O6 range use a safe class 1 laser light source built into an industry-standard miniature housing with 1” hole centres. The tactile pushbuttons make setting a simple matter, while the units also include IO-Link. Over IO-Link the user can remotely set and store parameters, or use this new standard interface to read out a real distance value to the target, turning a binary diffuse reflection laser sensor into a precise distance measurement system.

These versions will detect targets as small as 2mm across up to 100mm away, regardless of their composition. Other sensors in the range can detect tiny objects over distances up to 8m on a reflector or 15m with separate transmitter/receiver.

IO-link offers so much more potential, with the facility to set time delays, for example, and monitor the usage of the sensor externally; truly the basis for Industry 4.0


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