High Speed Impact Testing

New, unique high speed, impact pressure mapping system for automotive and aircraft seating launched by XSensor through Interface Force

Crowthorne, Berkshire, UK, 20 March 20: Interface Force Measurements, a leader in force measurement announces the launch of a new and unique high-speed pressure mapping system for crash testing seating. The company is renowned for its expertise in this area and this latest product enforces its position at the leading edge of pressure imaging technology. The new system is aimed specifically at engineers conducting sledge tests on seating systems within the automotive and aircraft industries.

The new HS Impact gives design engineers vital information on how much pressure is being exerted from airbags and seatbelts during front impacts and from head restraints and seat backs from rear impacts.  Until now, no system has had the ability to measure pressure profiles at such high speeds.

At the heart of the system are a new sensor style and an improved and more robust design connector that connects to a ruggedised sensor pack (SPK).  The sensors are thin and conformable, with a fast response rate and high-speed calibration that provides consistent and repeatable results on a sensor by sensor basis, further improving the accuracy.

In turn, the SPK is connected to a high-speed data logger, which is connected to the PSU. All three units are bolted on to an aluminium chassis which features built-in shock protection. The chassis enables the system to be mounted on to the test sledge and triggered remotely for repeated testing procedures.

Speed is of the essence with this new system and it can achieve data recording rates of between 2,000 and 3,000 frames per second, depending on the sensor being used. This makes it the fastest system produced by XSensor. This data is written to a SD card that can then undergo immediate data logging and reviewing on the operator’s PC with lower data recording rates at about 1600 – 1700 frames per second

As well as high-speed, XSensor has developed four new, dedicated sensors for the HS Impact System. Two offer spatial resolution of 12.7mm and have been designed to take measures from the seat back with head restraint, or the seat back alone. The two other sensors have been designed with a 5.08 resolution for use in smaller areas, such as the head restraint alone.

All post-test analysis is carried out using XSensor’s new High Speed Pro V8 software. This feature-rich software allows recordings to be triggered remotely and synchronised with other highspeed data acquisition devices enabling operators to; view pressure throughout impact, see product performance throughout the impact scenario and compare designs and modifications. Live or post-process data analysis is also possible.

XSensor has put together an informative video that shows whiplash tests being carried out using the HS Impact system. It can be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=euL8aRL1QLc

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