GRAS Sound & Vibration to show wide range of measurement microphones for automotive, defence & aerospace testing

GRAS Sound & Vibration UK Ltd will be highlighting a wide range of high performance measurement microphones and related acoustic accessories for automotive, aerospace and defence testing applications at Sensors & Instrumentation 2018. Amongst the products on display will be the company’s ‘world-first’ 146AE ultra-rugged automotive microphone and compact flush mount turbulence screen microphone kit, as well as its surface and low noise microphones.
GRAS UK’s 146AE microphone set is waterproof, able to withstand high temperatures and is shock, dust and oil mist resistant. It offers accurate and reliable operation under the most extreme automotive testing conditions minimising costly re-testing and re-scheduling whilst improving efficiency and data validity.
The 146AE is the only automotive microphone that can deliver accurate data in real life test conditions comprising strong vibrations, drops, extreme temperatures, water and dust. It is particularly ideal for engine compartment measurements, transmissions and exhaust and brake noise tests.
Available with a five-year warranty and offering precise data every time, the 146AE boasts a frequency range and dynamic range from IEC compatible ½” measurement microphones of 3.15Hz – 20kHz, 18dB(A) – 138dB and 50mV/Pa.
In addition, GRAS UK’s flush mount turbulence screen microphone kit significantly improves aeroacoustic testing in wind tunnels.

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