Gossen Metrawatt celebrates 111th anniversary

Gossen Metrawatt is celebrating its 111th anniversary this year. The company was originally founded by physicist Siegfried Guggenheimer, as an enterprise for the development and production of electric measuring instruments in Nuremberg, Germany, in 1906.

In addition to measuring and test equipment, GMC-I Messtechnik, its brand Gossen Metrawatt, and affiliated companies in the GMC Instruments group stand for intelligent solutions for detailed, standard-compliant energy management, monitoring and analysis of grid quality, and inspection of data and communication networks.

“The safe use of electric power has been and remains at the core of our brand. We manufacture future-proof measuring and testing equipment that meets the needs of digitisation and of the growing interconnection of power supply and communication systems,” says CEO Dr. Hans-Peter Opitz.

New generations of meters and measurement and system testing devices fulfill current standards as well as demanding requirements relating to safety, accuracy, data transfer, and documentation. The product portfolio includes high-end, individually tested energy meters for transparent consumption data acquisition in industrial, commercial, medical, and building technology, and in private households.

The measurement specialist also supplies various lines for testing electrical safety up to the high voltage range.

The GMC-I group operates an officially approved calibration laboratory and several DakkS-accredited calibration centers, which carry out DakkS, ISO, and factory calibrations for almost all electrical and optical parameters.

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