Get to know us: Rotronic

ROTRONIC is a Swiss-based, world leading manufacturer of precision Humidity, Temperature, Moisture, Low Dew Point, Water Activity, CO2 air quality, Differential Pressure, Process Pressure and Airflow measurement devices. We are specified for measurement, monitoring and control applications across industry – from pharmaceutical processes to brick manufacturing; food production to art gallery environmental control. You can trust measurements obtained with Rotronic products. They have 24-month warranty.

The full range is included on the Rotronic website with technical datasheets and product manuals available.

Rotronic manufactures calibration accessories including the HygroGen2 generator enabling end users to perform humidity and temperature calibrations; a zero CO2 calibration kit is available. We have UKAS 0766 / ISO 17025 accreditation for humidity, temperature and dew point laboratory calibration. All manufacturers’ sensors can be calibrated; please contact us for our UKAS scope and pricing.


Rotronic Instruments (UK) Ltd

Tel:  01293 571000 



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