Get a free iPad for real-time sharing of thermal imaging data

While stocks last and before 31st December 2014, Fluke UK is offering a free iPad to purchasers of one from a range of Fluke Thermal Imaging cameras. Using Fluke’s latest Connect app downloaded to the iPad, customers can generate reports and communicate results directly to their client or colleagues from the jobsite. This saves time and money, allows safer working and is more productive.

Customers who buy a Fluke Ti105, Ti110 or Ti125 Thermal Imaging camera can claim an iPad mini, and customers who buy a Fluke Ti200, Ti300 or a Ti400 can claim an iPad Air providing the purchase was made after 1st September 2014 and before the 31st December 2014. Claims are made via the Fluke website and will require proof of purchase. More than twenty Fluke tools feature Fluke Connect to connect wirelessly with the Connect app, including digital multimeters, thermal imagers, insulation testers, process meters, and specific voltage, current and temperature meters. 

Fluke Thermal Imaging cameras in the offer feature IR-Fusion technology, which merges the infrared and visual images into a single view to better discover, diagnose, and communicate problems. With IR-Fusion technology, images can be viewed from full infrared to blended views to a full visible image, to precisely document problem areas. The cameras come complete with SmartView professional IR analysis and reporting software, a suite of analysis and reporting tools for viewing, annotating and editing infrared images.

The Fluke Ti110 and Ti125 feature an IR-OptiFlex focus system, which offers automatic focusing with a manual focus option for close-ups; IR-PhotoNotes annotation system, which allows the capture of up to three digital photos per thermal image file, enabling the exact recording of equipment models, nameplates and other useful information; voice annotation; and multi-mode video recording, which allows the user to record focus-free video in visible light and infrared with full IR-Fusion capabilities – the user can monitor processes over time, troubleshoot frame-by-frame, and create infrared video reports; and electronic compass capture, helping to track the location of a problem.

The Fluke Ti200, Ti300 and Ti400 feature LaserSharp Auto Focus, using a laser to pinpoint exactly where the camera should focus for precisely focused images every time. They include GPS positioning and recording, streaming video, a ruggedised capacitive touch screen for quick menu navigation, IR-PhotoNotes, field-changeable rechargeable smart batteries with charge level indicators, and high temperature measurements up 1200°C (Ti400 model only).

Fluke Connect facilitates access to records by all team members wherever they are and at the same time increases the safety of technicians working with energised equipment. Technicians can AutoRecord measurements and infrared images to Fluke Cloud storage from wherever they are working, without writing anything down. Everyone on the team with an iPad or smart phone and the app can see the data. Team collaboration is made easy with ShareLive video calls, whereby technicians can share measurements with other team members in real time, and get approvals for repairs or get questions answered without leaving the field.

Information about all Fluke products can be obtained via the Fluke web site at

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