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The FS Safety Series of functional safety instrumentation from Moore Industries gives you layers of protection that reduce risk and deliver reliable performance when you need it most. This SIL 2 and SIL 3 capable product family has been designed and built in compliance with IEC 61058, the leading worldwide functional safety standard that affords the highest levels of reliability. Selecting products from the FS Safety Series gives safety practitioners confidence that their instruments will perform as expected and when demanded.

STZ Smart HART Temperature Transmitter

The STZ offers a dual sensor input that reduces process interruptions. Backup and Fail-Over Protection allows either of the sensors or inputs to be designated as the primary measurement, with the secondary input acting as the backup sensor in case of primary sensor failure. The dual sensor input also allows for Average and Differential measurements along with High-Select and Low-Select options.

The STZ also features Moore Industries’ Device Intelligence, a series of features designed for smarter control and monitoring including:

  • Sensor drift and corrosion detection that checks and alerts users when the sensor is drifting out of a preset range or when the resistance due to corrosion exceeds set parameters.
  • Smart range alarms with four HART alarms – set to any input or calculated input – that detect when the variable is within or outside of user preset limits.
  • A High Availability option that enables the selection of how the AO behaves when there is an input failure or out-of-range value detected by the transmitter. This helps prevent spurious trips or nuisance alarms in Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS).
  • Input simulation capability allowing manual input of a direct or calculated value. This essentially simulates a real input, allowing users to test the AO or any HART diagnostic and range alarms – which assists in proof test procedures.
STZ Functional Safety Smart HART Dual Input Temperature Transmitters

The STZ is HART 7 compliant with exception-based reporting and dynamic variable mapping. It is HART and DTM programmable with user-oriented basic configuration for fast and accurate setup. Utilizing the HART DD, it can be configured and interrogated on the 4-20mA loop via any HART handheld communicator or HART compatible host. To prevent unauthorized or accidental reconfiguration of the STZ while it’s performing its safety function, it has an added security feature to allow users to set HART communication into a Read Only or Off mode. Users can also program or monitor the transmitter with any FDT compliant host or program such as PACTware using the STZ DTM.

STA Functional Safety Trip Alarm: The exida certified SIL 2 and SIL 3 capable STA Safety Trip Alarm performs as a logic solver and acts on potentially hazardous process conditions in Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS). The STA models accept a signal input from transmitters, temperature sensors and a wide array of other monitoring and control instruments.

STA Functional Safety Trip Alarm

SRM Functional Safety Relay Module: The exida certified SIL 2 capable SRM Safety Relay Module provides a high level of availability for safety-critical applications and as a part of Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS). The SRM is a relay repeater model that accepts a single contact closure input from a logic solver such as the Moore Industries STA Functional Safety Trip Alarm. The SRM provides three contacts per alarm input, allowing you to simply and cost effectively add additional alarm contacts to your safety processes.

SSX/SST Functional Safety Signal Isolator and Splitter

SSX/SST Functional Safety Isolator and Splitter: These exida certified up to SIL 2 and SIL 3 capable family of 2-wire and 4-wire Isolators and Splitter provide isolation and signal conversion for your SIS (Safety Instrumented System) needs. These units protect and enhance loops and also pass valuable HART data from the field transmitter to host systems and vice-versa. They isolate your SIS from your Basic Process Control System or monitoring system so disconnections or failures to these secondary systems don’t affect your safety system.

SFY Functional Safety Frequency-to-DC Transmitter: This exida certified SIL 3 capable transmitter monitors frequency, period, high or low pulse width, and contact closure signals and converts the input signal to a proportional, input-to-output isolated 4-20mA output ready for direct interface with a Safety System, readout instrument, recorder, PLC, BPCS, SCADA system.

SFY Functinoal Safety Frequency-to-DC Transmitter

SLD Functional Safety Programmable Loop Display: This SIL 3 capable, non-interfering loop display features a large integral display that shows real-time process status in mA, percent, or any designated 5-character Engineering units.

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