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Isothermal Technology Ltd (Isotech) are offering a limited number of free reference cards with essential reference data for those working in temperature calibration. The laminated cards include the Industrial Platinum Resistance Thermometer Tables (IEC 60751 Ed2 2008), tolerance classes, thermocouple colour codes and other useful data.

The giveaway takes place in Isotech’s 40th Anniversary Year. Founded in 1980, the company has become a world leader in temperature metrology. Isotech can help with both temperature calibration services and the supply of high accuracy temperature measurement and calibration systems.

Our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory can calibrate your temperature standards to the lowest uncertainties with many of our clients being other calibration laboratories. Isotech has the lowest uncertainties of any privately owned laboratory.

Other instruments available include Isotech’s range of Portable Dry Blocks and Liquid Baths that cover the temperature range from -100°C to 1200°C whilst larger laboratory Cryostats, Liquid baths and Furnaces cover from -196°C to 1300°C.

For Primary Temperature Standards, most commonly used in National Laboratories, uncertainties are little as 70 millionths of a degree, 0.000 070°C, 70 µK. Isotech manufacture and supply ITS-90 fixed points from the triple point of Argon at -189.3442°C to the freezing point of Copper at 1084.62°C.

Isotech reference thermometers include both thermocouples and standard platinum resistance thermometers, SPRTs, as well as a wide range of award-winning digital readouts. If you need to measure to 0.01°C, 0.001°C or < 0.001°C, Isotech can help.

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