Free Cable Inspection, Discount and Trade Up Accelerometer offers from DJB Instruments UK Ltd

DJB Instruments UK Ltd is getting into the spirit of the festive season with some end of year budget boosting deals on cable repairs and accelerometers.

November and December are a busy time at DJB as it is a period over which many of their existing customers look to spend any leftover equipment budgets before the end of their budget year.

To add a little extra to the budget leftovers DJB have three offers available until the end of 2015.

The first offer has an environmentally friendly message attached to it. Accelerometer/sensor cables generally have a PTFE or FEP jacket and usually a PTFE insulator, all these materials take a long time to decompose in land fill and even if recycled they use a wide range of chemicals which are not great for the environment. It is often the case that users throw ‘broken’ cables away and buy new ones simply because their original supplier will not repair them, well at DJB they will repair cables from any manufacturer and are able to repair 90% of cables sent to them. Using quality connectors that fit competitor and DJB products they can resurrect your cables for a fraction of the cost of a new one. To encourage you to look at repairs, DJB are offering a free inspection and repair report for up to 20 cables per company. Dig out your box of old cables and see if they can be brought back to life.

Secondly they have a range of stock accelerometers all available with up to 25% discount. This is a genuine discount from the normal selling price and this includes two of their most popular 2015 accelerometers.

  • The unique clip mounted, high temperature IEPE triaxial accelerometer the A/136/V/HT.100. With a sensitivity of 100mV/g and a maximum operating range of 185°C this is a great accelerometer for engine tests as well as for structural testing. The clip mounting option can be used with Bruel & Kjaer clips as a direct replacement for their products.

  • The general purpose IEPE A/120 range is available in top or side entry and also with TNC connectors for more industrial applications. A range of sensitivities is available off the shelf.

The final offer available is to ‘Trade Up’. This scheme is available to customers wishing to trade in old accelerometers from any other manufacturer (though older DJB products are also welcome) and get a healthy discount on an equivalent new DJB product.

Neill Ovenden, DJB’s Managing Director said of the offers….’DJB is proud of its heritage and much of our history has been built on customer satisfaction and offering the most flexible service that we can, cable repairs are not only good for customer saving but they are a great way of contributing to the drive to reduce waste and damage to the environment. Added to this we recognise the needs of all customers to maximise their budgets and the end of year discounts and Trade Up schemes make a lot of sense.’

To get more details of these offers and anything else to do with DJB’s wide range of accelerometers, dynamic pressure transducers, instrumentation, signal conditioning and cable assemblies, contact the sales team on

For more details about DJB’s products visit their website or for a quotation and availability contact the sales office on +44 (0)1638 712288

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