Interface Force has been supplying businesses with force, torque and pressure measurement sensors

For over 25 years Interface Force has been supplying businesses with force, torque and pressure measurement sensors, Interface Force has an extensive range of products to meet all customer requirements.

Established in 1996, Interface Force is based in Crowthorne, Berkshire and works throughout the UK.  A wide range of industry sectors and businesses benefit from the vast amount of expertise and experience Interface Force has at its disposal.  These sectors include automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, defence, education, renewable energy, pharmaceutical, food and drink and many more.

Interface’s engineers will  guide clients through what can be a difficult decision-making process, ensuring all requirements are met. All force, pressure and torque sensors and instrumentation products supplied by Interface Force are benchmark industry standards, manufactured by leading brands such as Interface Inc, AMTI, XSENSOR and GP:50.

As an internationally recognised brand, Interface Force’s range of products from multi-axis load cells, load buttons, load pins and supporting products enable them to offer the client a complete solution. These include multi-channel signal amplifiers, displays, data loggers and data logging software, Bluetooth and wireless telemetry systems for remote data collection and evaluation, repair and calibration services.

Interface Force supply high-quality products and have vast expertise in advising on load cell proving devices. Our load cells offer very high accuracy and come in many different configurations Each load cell is supplied with a NIST or ASTM E74 calibration with ISO-376 or UKAS also available.

Interface Force Measurements has always been strong in the supply of calibration grade load cells, with the 1600, Gold Standard being a particular favourite with National Calibration labs and calibration houses in the UK and around the world. The 1600s are supplied with locked-in calibration adaptors and ASTM E74 calibration (equivalent to ISO376) from just 4% of capacity as standard.

Another growing area of interest is in 3-axis and 6-axis load cells. Designed to measure force in X, Y and Z and the moments around those axes in the case of 6-axis load cells. These 3 and 6 axis devices can be used for applications as diverse as control stick design and testing rocket engine test stands or wave tank tests  Interface offers both 3 and 6 axis load cells in several form factors to suit such a wide range of applications. Multi-axis load cells will have multiple-output channels, so we also supply the multi-channel signal amplifiers required to provide the excitation voltage and multiple-output channels required by multi-axis load cells.  Models like the BSC-4 and BX-8 multi-channel amplifiers also offer USB output, data logging software and internal cross-talk correction, offering the complete multi-axis measurement solution.

Interface Force also distributes XSENSOR’s pressure mapping systems. These systems are used in the automotive, aerospace and bedding sectors or for any application that requires the measurement and display of pressure distribution between any two contacting surfaces.  XSENSOR’s innovative high-speed impact system is the first system to allow product designers and safety testing engineers to see, record and evaluate the distribution of force from high-speed impacts on safety equipment. Perfect for the automotive sector,   the HSI system can be used for collecting crash testing data or impact data in a way not seen before. It can record the force or pressure that’s distributed during impact from whiplash, seat belt and airbag testing. However, applications for this technology are not limited to the automotive sector but can be used in any impact testing application such as safety helmets or protective sports equipment.

Interface Force has long offered, services individual to each client’s requirements. The company works with the client offering advice pre and post-sale and develops bespoke custom solutions or devices to meet a client’s needs. Interface is using this experience to move into new directions, working with customers needing remote monitoring capability. A good example of this would be remote monitoring of airport luggage systems and conveyor belts. Interface’s R&D team developed a wireless multi-axis vibration sensor that’s specifically developed for a single customer. However, this product has multiple applications that can serve any business needing to remotely monitor its conveyor systems. Alongside this, we also offer custom-designed wireless load pins that replace existing components, enabling the customer to monitor load changes on the conveyor system. They can then schedule maintenance for the system when it’s not in use, rather than respond to a breakdown.

Lastly, we want to be the easiest company to do business with, so we have just launched our e-commerce site at Here you’ll be able to order the Interface G-series of mini, in-line and button load cells.  Our aim is to offer the shortest possible lead time with next business day delivery being the target.  The store displays current stock with orders being placed with a credit or debit card. These are early days for our e-commerce offering, but we will be expanding the range of products being offered.

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