Flow Meter Calibration Services

Where accurate flow rate measurements are required it is imperative that the flow measurement sensors are working in the correct manner and are giving accurate and reliable readings. Undertaking regular maintenance, cleaning, verification and or calibration adjustment of the flow meter instrumentation is the only way to ensure you maintain the measurement traceability and assurance that it is performing within its stated specifications. The Young Calibration Fluid Calibration Facility offers a range of flowmeter calibration options, from low cost calibrations for non-critical applications, 48 hr emergency turnaround calibrations to high accuracy primary standard calibrations for reference and transfer standard meters. A large range of the laboratory services are also available UKAS accredited to ISO 17025:2017 calibration laboratory standard. Young Calibration is a leading, independent calibration service provider offering great flexibility with tailored calibration solutions to suit individual requirements for cost and measurement uncertainty.


The West Sussex based facility now consists of 14 different calibration rigs for water, oils, fuels, glycol test fluids all of which are traceable to national standards, 8 of which are ISO 17025 UKAS accredited. The fluid calibration laboratory can test flow meters between ¼”and 6” in size and can handle flow rates from 1 ml/hr up to 4000 litres per minute. The gas flow laboratory can test flowmeters between 0.001” to 12” nominal line size coving 1 cc/min to 1250 litres per second. The rigs incorporate a range of primary standard measurements and high accuracy series transfer master meters. With continual investment in its’ facilities the latest two accredited air flow calibration rigs are fully automated for test sequencing, measurement and control and data acquisition of RS232, voltage, current and frequency signals along with photographic and optical recognition software for indicated displays. Ongoing internal and external audits, technical assessments and interlaboratory comparisons ensure the measurement process remains within its’ stated measurement uncertainty. Young Calibration can also provide onsite flowmeter verification using inline transfer meters, gravimetric or ultrasonic techniques. All calibrations are issued with a calibration certificate to as outlined in ISO 17025:2017 standard.


Home to one the world’s most accurate air velocity wind tunnel calibration facility, UKAS accredited air velocity calibration can be undertaken on anemometers, constant temperature anemometers (CTA), omni-spherical probes, thermal, pitot, vane, rotating cup and ultrasonic anemometers across  0.05 to 80 m/s and with a measurement CMC from 0.15% +0.0002 m/s of reading. All of the accredited calibration services are offered are traceable to national standards with ILAC-MRA recognition for worldwide acceptance. Measurement uncertainty, UKAS and provision of a quality and reliable service drives Young Calibration to deliver the best in class services to their customers.


Valve & Hose Component Cleanliness for critical applications require unrivalled component cleanliness to ensure safe and reliable operation. The extensive upgrades to their Test and Calibration Laboratory now include two bespoke ISO Class 6 cleanrooms for the cleaning, flushing and analysis assessments for hoses, valves, fittings, assemblies and sensors. To further enhance its’ services to the aviation, marine and medical sectors the second cleanroom offers a dedicated oxygen clean, “oil free” environment for LOX and GOX systems requiring certified oxygen cleanliness levels. A one stop shop is available for cleaning, flushing, calibration, gravimetric, microscopic particle and hydrocarbon analysis, white and black light assessment, FTIR spectroscopy, packing, labelling and shipping. Using established and highly recognised international standards such as ISO 16232, ASTM G93 and MIL-STD-1330 the facility offers worldwide cleaning solutions for all safety critical sectors. Full UKAS accredited ISO 17025 calibration is available for oxygen pressure gauges and sensors up to 400 bar.


Provision of EBME calibration services to cover both ISO 17025 and ISO 15189 requirements for medical equipment suppliers, research laboratories and NHS trusts continues to be a growth area and investment into calibration hardware, software and personnel training allows the company to further extend its’ extensive range of EBME calibration services. These now include infusion pump flow analysers, patient simulators, multi-parameter testers, IBP/NIBP meters, dialysis meters, ultrasound, spirometers, hypothermia machine, safety analysers, ESU analysers, syringes and respiratory ventilator testers. Recent engineering and service training of the BC Biomedical range further adds to the available resources on offer.

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