FLIR thermal imaging ensures trouble free recording

To provide the music industry with first class recording facilities, The Bieber Studio based in Offenbach in Germany, relies on FLIR thermal imaging technology.  Indeed, it takes condition-based maintenance very seriously as it minimises technical issues so sound engineers can focus on creativity.

FLIR ONE Pro in use

“Not only do we check the electrics in the studio on a regular basis but also take a close look at the 19-inch racks,” explained Oli Rüger, a guitarist and producer who has headed the operation since its establishment in the 1970s.  “These racks contain many professional effects units, pre-amps, amplifiers and a crucial large patch bay that enables each signal to be sent precisely where it is needed for recording or further processing.”

Regular testing of all studio equipment using the FLIR ONE Pro thermal imaging camera gives the team the confidence that older technology also works as required. Over the years Oli Rüger has built-up an impressive collection of classic effect units and vintage instruments.  This equipment is still highly-valued by today’s musicians as it creates special sound effects; the Fender fuzz pedal from 1960s is a good example.

Effect units and amplifiers in the 19-inch rack

The FLIR ONE Pro helps users find invisible problems fast.  It offers 4x the native resolution than the standard model and its sharper image clarity is further enhanced by FLIR’s VividIR imaging processing technology.  The camera can measure temperatures from -20°C to 400°C with up to three spot temperature meters and six temperature regions of interest.

“Of course, I would have preferred a top-of-the-range FLR T1020 and if the Foo Fighters or Bruce Springsteen were to come here next month for a recording then I’d have to think about making such a purchase!,” Oli Rüger continues.  “Until then I’m happy with the FLIR ONE Pro.  It’s a couple of decimal places cheaper, very robust and it works well for our purposes.”

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