Flexible, Accurate, Slim & Resilient Semitec’s Gymnastic NTC Thermistor

If a thermistor could be likened to any sport at the Olympics, then the Semitec JT thermistor deserves a gold medal in gymnastics! The JT can literally bend over backwards to solve your temperature sensing problems.

Worldwide winner, the Semitec JT has been used extensively in many space-sensitive applications including skin/surface sensing, various wearable technologies including blood-glucose monitors, prismatic & pouch batteries and CPU/IC monitoring.

Slim but strong, the JT is only 0.5mm thick at its sensing tip making it the thinnest flexible NTC available. Laminated between two polymer layers makes it both flexible and resilient. The flexibility allows the JT’s sensor to be placed closer to the heat source delivering optimum temperature control.

The Semitec JT also operates in extreme temperatures from -50°C to +125°C with highly accurate 1% R25 tolerances. With excellent electrical insulation the JT thermistors can safely be used where they might come into contact with adjacent live components.

Putting it simply, the JT thermistors outperform other slower, larger inflexible competitors! 

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